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HR’s next priority: Mental Health

By the age of 40, half of all Canadians will have had or have a mental illness. The cost for companies from poor performance and absenteeism is astounding. Click to learn how to address mental health in your company. 

Have you done your part to enable HR to be strategic?

Too much time is spent debating why HR hasn’t added the value that both it and its functional peers seek. Whether it’s an accurate assessment of HR or not, there are many reasons for this perception – from HR talent not being strategic to companies not having sufficient budgets to properly invest in employees. Click to learn how to be more strategic. 

Harassment, Hollywood and Human Resources

It’s disappointing that it took Hollywood to change our tolerance for lack of dignity in the workplace. Countless examples, some public, many not, of indecent behavior, troubled colleagues, destructive environments proliferate unquestioned.  Where was HR all these decades? Where was the Board? HR as a function is weak. Boards are weaker. These two bodies (we can also throw in in-house legal) should have been lashing out and quickly at ethical and moral violations but instead give scripted, safe answers to everything or stay silent drowning in incompetence and fear. Click to learn how to create a safe work environment. 

Give Employees the Gift of A Financial Stress Free Holiday

In the past few months, I've seen articles in both the US and Canada (just this week in The Globe and Mail) on providing personal financial training to employees. Many companies push Wellness - programs, subsidies and other nudges - but few help employees learn how to plan for their financial future (and sadly, schools haven't taken this on either). Click to learn how to reduce financial stress in your company. 

I need a strategic plan!

Lately, leaders have been asking for help with their strategic plans. I’m cautioning these leaders however to pause. Why? Unless you need a quick turnaround for survival, you should first assess the current state of your basic business operations before investing in strategy assistance. These basic operational practices – across all functions – need to be both complete and correct – this is the ticket to staying in business long term. Click to learn what else you need to do before hitting strategy. 

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