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Can you give an overview of employee engagement? 

Does being engaged mean you’re happy to be at work? Not necessarily. Actually, it’s not likely the case. You can be happy to be at work, especially if your colleagues are nicer than your housemates! That doesn’t mean though that you are working hard, focused, really committed to doing your best work possible (or that you wouldn’t take an extra 2% in pay and an additional week off to switch companies).

Engaged employees don’t work for just a paycheck. They have an emotional attachment to their company, the people, and to the work they do. They use their discretionary effort, they care – they will do what it takes to get the job done, at a high level of excellence. For example, even if their shift has finished, an engaged employee will finish polishing the silverware for the next shift. They care for their teammates, customers and their self esteem.

The pyramid below is not comprehensive but effectively demonstrates the likely positive effect highly engaged employees have on a company’s bottom line.


Smart companies – with basic analytics, strong HR teams, savvy management – leverage employee engagement as a competitive advantage. For easier recruitment (a strong culture creates a powerful employee brand) and to decrease costs and increase productivity. Being able to increase and maintain high levels of employee engagement is a profitability decision:

•  At beverage giant Molson Coors, highly engaged employees were five times less likely than nonengaged employees to have a safety incident and seven times less likely to have a lost-time safety incident. By strengthening employee engagement, the company saved $1,721,760 in safety costs in one year.

•  Construction-equipment maker Caterpillar's increased employee engagement resulted in $8.8 million annual savings from decreased attrition, absenteeism and overtime in a European plant, and a $2 million increase in profit plus a 34 percent increase in highly satisfied customers in a start-up plant. From

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