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Financial Stress Can Be Addressed 

Is financial trouble causing you stress? Stress that spills over into your relationships, your sleep? What about your employees? The Bank of Canada identified household debt as one of the biggest risks to the economy. Many live pay check to pay check with no emergency savings. Finacial stress can be reduced through eduation and action. 

As a financial coach, I can guide you and your employees to financial peace. 

For groups, we cover the stress of financial hardship, budgeting, prioritizing debt repayment, saving and investing. 

With individuals and couples, I take a three-step approach where you will:

1. Share your painpoints, challenges, goals and dreams.

2. Learn - insights, tools, processes, actions - to reduce stress, feel empowered and hopeful.

3. Work your plan - you'll manage your money, your estate, your future. 

I help families through their financial issues so that that part of their life is stress free! 

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