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Give Employees the Gift of A Financial Stress Free Holiday

In the past few months, I've seen articles in both the US and Canada (just this week in The Globe and Mail) on providing personal financial training to employees. Many companies push Wellness - programs, subsidies and other nudges - but few help employees learn how to plan for their financial future (and sadly, schools haven't taken this on either).

Yes, the Wellness ROI is a sure thing. What about personal financial training? I'm pretty sure we'd see increases in productivity and engagement among employees who have fewer financial worries thanks to some helpful tips. And it doesn't need to be complicated.... 

It could come via a quick lunch and learn, an online tutorial, or even passing on a podcast or two 'for those interested.' Nothing special or time consuming... Take a few topics that most people grapple with: budgeting, prioritizing paying off different types of debt vs. saving; buying vs. leasing cars and homes; how compound interest affects retirement savings. You know your employees best - what decision-making information will make the biggest impact to the biggest number of your employees?

What I've seen work best is when companies do this because they LOVE their employees - the sessions/articles are optional and the sources sound and not linked to any products. 

If you are serious about helping employees reduce their financial stress, consider offering formal workshops and one-on-one coaching. Click on the Chat box or call me at 438-920-1303 to learn how Isanni can help you help your employees. 

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